April 2, 2012


Another birthday extravaganza !
Again, these are late from early March.
My brothers from all different mothers.
By the end of the night, everyone was high on life and drunk off love. 
Cheers to the best!



(you all might think he's being rude, but they actually know each other in real life!)




Visited the City to celebrate two beautiful gals birthdays. As always, it was an eventful night consisted of amazing food, awesome company, and memories only we will share amongst each other. Cheers to another beautiful year ! -xoxo
Special thanks to the mama's that helped the shabushabu and sushi event happen!
Shabu shabu & sushi for Friday
alcoholic beverages for dessert
Not getting Penelope's for brunch
St. Marks for Saturday's dinner
more alcoholic beverages and dancing 
and a pinch of hangover for Sunday's ride home.

*Over due photos from February's madness*

to the beautiful, the young, the spontaneous ladies I adore, Cheers!