May 5, 2011


Unfortunately, I was too busy camwhoring my face rather than my products...
My everyday look. Honestly, I can't pull off a fierce smokey look.. or anything colored. Only neutrals fits me best.. If I go any darker.. I look like some punk rocker bitch chic who had a fight with the ol' smokey...
Oh, just putting it out there incase it comes and bites me later.. I've never gotten my eyes surgically cut to have double lids.. nor did I get a nose job... or cheek implants.. Till this day I swear I was adopted or something or found me under a bridge...This is not how a Korean girl is suppose to look like.... They tell me I'm full but I don't believe them.. haha.

FACE:Missha BBcream #21 with a mixture of NARS sheer glow
EYES: Trish McEvoy eye primer/MAC Champange collection/Lorac Neutral palette/Lancome Artliner in Brown/ Lancome Definicils & Hypnose Drama Mascara
CHEEKS: Trish McEvoy bronzer