December 26, 2011


Twas the night before Christmas and one of my best friends birthday
I made a mini trip to Georgetown to get him and myself some delicious cupcakes.
Since Baked & Wired were close... I had no other choice but to stay in a long line for the overhyped cupcakes..
Despite my opinions... They are beautifully decorated .
Got a dozen and went on my merry way.

December 25, 2011

BOSCIA: Luminizing black mask & Revitalizing black hydration gel

I've been wanting to try the peel off mask for some time.. and what better way to get it than the holidays? Yup, put that on my gift list ! I then came across the hydrating gel and without even testing it out, I figured it'd be good.. so added that to my list as well ! I also like how they have an expiration date to their products. How convenient .

Luminizing black mask: 
The consistency is somewhat equivalent to THEFACESHOP's white mud nose pack.. Less tacky though.. I was actually scared to try the black mask after noticing the consistency because the white mud nose pack served no justice for me after it being over hyped and on the wait-list for over a year...
To my surprise... let's just say it pulled out all that gunk in my pores...
It had some what of a cooling effect while on my face as well.
Overall, I like it so far. Topped it off with the hydrating gel.


I'm always on the hunt for a good lotion/moisturizer because I can never find one to my liking..
Despite the smell which i am not a big fan of, the packaging is alright.. It's a push pump but if you push it down too much, a whole lot will come out.
The consistency is very light and penetrates into the skin pretty well.
There is no residue and the smell doesn't linger either.
It is a bit slimy at first, but hey.. what can you ask for if you get a gel lotion?
I like this because it's light, leaves my skin feeling supple,and doesn't give that I-know-I-have-lotion-on feel.
Icy to my skin which is a plus..
Although i've only tried it once.. so far so good.. I just hope my skin doesn't react to it badly making me wake up to a canvas full of disturbing volcanoes ready to explode...

Hope it was helpful ! if not... i'm NOT sorry ! :)


December 13, 2011


When finals are taking over my life,
I get large amounts of ridiculous cravings... 
This particular day, I spent about 6 hours constantly eating...
Ranging from a salmon avocado salad to cookies, cake pops, and home-made pocky sticks...
Until 4am... 
I have no choice but to live at the gym after exams.
SO thankful for Yelp, 24 hour Walmart, and 2am Chinese restaurants.

(703) 237-8884
6653 Arlington Blvd Falls Church
Yelp gave it 4/5 stars.
Hands down, when craving something greasy, authentic, and new
this place is to go...
Whether I was super hungry or not
this place was pretty satisfying.
In the semi-sketch section of falls church, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do at 2am.
 Ordered the Wonton soup and BBQ Pork/Duck with rice.

Murdered within minutes....

& for le dessert....... 

Chocolate upon chocolate....

BBCREAM: HANSKIN Super Magic BBcream

For those who are not aware of what BB creams are.. They are basically a lighter formula of a foundation that is gentle to the skin while they have different duties to perfect the skin as well. Originated from Asia and are slowly making it big in the States. The most popular BB cream that I am aware of is the Missha bb cream which in my opinion, is not the best that I have tried. The disadvantage of BB creams are that they don't come in variety of shades because most asians have the same complexion...

This particular BB cream is made to help whiten the skin as well as providing SPF and anti wrinkle. It's very light by weight and in color. Blends out smoothly and easily build able. This cream does not have a grayish tint like my Missha and does not leave a sticky residue once applied. I have normal to oily skin and this holds up pretty well without melting off my face after application.

I give it a 4/5 since it is a little lighter to my face. 

Purchase here.