October 29, 2011


Scooped up some stuff after much contemplation...
I've been breaking out more since the seasons decided to jump all over the place.
DulceCandy did a review on the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser and it's their number 1 selling product..
What can go wrong when everything is hand-made and organic?


Keep the two masks refrigerated. They last about 3 weeks. 

October 22, 2011


Decided to pick up some more fall polishes. My local ULTA is always short on Essie polishes.. So these were the ones I scooped up.

Luxedo is a deep opaque purple/violet
and Hot coco.. is.. well.. hot chocolate .

Topped it with my Seche Vite.


Big scarves that eat my neck up are the best! $14.50 at F21 with variety of colors!

October 20, 2011


Pa Do Hwe Jib 
[Pado Seafood]
4231 Markham St
AnnandaleVA 22003

Pretty picky when it comes to seafood but they aren't that bad... Especially their lunch special. $32.60 for this amount of food and for two... 
The waitresses thought we were starving girls.. 
A successful and 'satisfying' lunch date with my girl Theresa Kim. 


October 11, 2011


I didn't even know NOVA had a botanical garden. It's called Meadowlark Botanical Garden near Tyson's Corner. It's not the best garden I've been too, but since fall is closing in, the air is a lot crisper and cleaner and the leaves are changing. They also have some Korean bell thing going on.


Bandwagoning on that WET n' WILD rave.

These shadows are so pigmented and absolutely serves justice to the eyes.
One swipe with my finger for each color.

RIMMEL LONDON SEXY CURVE: I don't remember the last time I purchased a drugstore mascara because it just never did me any good.. Always stuck to the higher ends... The brush does make it somewhat easier to get majority of the lashes.... but the thickness and lengthening doesn't do much... Sticking with the higher ends until someone proves me wrong.