February 16, 2012


I'm days late on posting this... but it's never too late for love right?
shades of reds, endless hearts, and roses
Such a suffering yet addicting kind of holiday.
Who said you needed a significant other to get some? ;) CHOCOLATE?

If you were single then I was obligated to give you a cupcake! Soak in the love everyone.. everyday all day! Had to pull some slick Cupid stunts... Call me JUPID . ;) 


February 7, 2012


Bakers had a huge sale
and what better way to approach one like a mad woman?
That's exactly what I did!
Picked up these gaga-esque heights
and some loafers.
Slowly and patiently getting ready for my super trip in about three weeks.

After an extreme four hours of damage
always have room for dessert.
Green Tea bingsoo and a chocolate mousse to top off my day. 

Sweet sale and sweet tooth