December 25, 2011

BOSCIA: Luminizing black mask & Revitalizing black hydration gel

I've been wanting to try the peel off mask for some time.. and what better way to get it than the holidays? Yup, put that on my gift list ! I then came across the hydrating gel and without even testing it out, I figured it'd be good.. so added that to my list as well ! I also like how they have an expiration date to their products. How convenient .

Luminizing black mask: 
The consistency is somewhat equivalent to THEFACESHOP's white mud nose pack.. Less tacky though.. I was actually scared to try the black mask after noticing the consistency because the white mud nose pack served no justice for me after it being over hyped and on the wait-list for over a year...
To my surprise... let's just say it pulled out all that gunk in my pores...
It had some what of a cooling effect while on my face as well.
Overall, I like it so far. Topped it off with the hydrating gel.


I'm always on the hunt for a good lotion/moisturizer because I can never find one to my liking..
Despite the smell which i am not a big fan of, the packaging is alright.. It's a push pump but if you push it down too much, a whole lot will come out.
The consistency is very light and penetrates into the skin pretty well.
There is no residue and the smell doesn't linger either.
It is a bit slimy at first, but hey.. what can you ask for if you get a gel lotion?
I like this because it's light, leaves my skin feeling supple,and doesn't give that I-know-I-have-lotion-on feel.
Icy to my skin which is a plus..
Although i've only tried it once.. so far so good.. I just hope my skin doesn't react to it badly making me wake up to a canvas full of disturbing volcanoes ready to explode...

Hope it was helpful ! if not... i'm NOT sorry ! :)


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