April 27, 2011

I'll always be a kid at heart. HappyBIRTHDAY

Ahhh, doesn't get any better than celebrating my last moments of being a teen with the ones I love.
My friend came all the way from NJ to celebrate the wonderful weekend with me and the girls!

If you know me, I LOVE birthdays... Whether it's mine or my main bitches. I like to celebrate it hardcore and do whatever the fuck I want, because in the end it'll only be a piece of memory.. So why not go all out right? Thank you to all my wonderful friends who made THIS birthday a bitchassness-free birthday! Every year, some bullsh*t happens and kills the entire show.BUT THE SHOW GOES ON!

Let's cut to the chase with the gifts, photos, & beautiful people yes?

Friday 04/22/11: Michelle really wanted to eat a burger... A good friend recommended a burger joint called Joe's burger in Mclean, VA.. Skeptical at first because of Yelp, but HOLY COW (literally)! Organic Butcher right next door.. Need I say more?

Joe's Burger
6710 Old Dominion Dr. Mclean, VA

VERDICT: FOOD-GASM! I ended up getting the Port Wine Blue Cheese and Michelle got Run For The Border. Comes with choices of sweet potatoe with buttermilk ranch or regular fries. HUGE onion ring that's EXTRA crunchy and good quality. We also got the chili fries. I didn't like how the fries got super soggy and at the bottom of the serving bowl, there was liquid from the chili. GAG. The Port Wine Blue Cheese has obviously the cow from next door and did I mention it was ORGANIC? Blue Cheese, Applewood(?) Bacon with apple chunk sauce, Spinach, & tomato. Comes with sour cream, salsa, and carmelized onions. Run for the Border: I think it had jalapenos inside the patty... I was too hungry to take note. Oops :) Sweet potato fries...I never enjoy my sweet and savory food mixed, but I tried these and it totally blew my mind! Crunchy, sweet, soft, and warming mixed dipped in the creamy, rich buttermilk ranch= Orgasmically exquisite!

Saturday 04/23/11: Originally, the plan was to do a cook out with a Southern style seafood feast, Korean BBQ, Sparkling cider, and cake. But due to weather.com fooling me we ended up going to Wildfire @ Tyson's Galleria. I've been to this place for brunch before and I enjoyed the cozy feel and hearty meal.

WILDFIRE- Tyson's Galleria
1714 International Drive, McLean VA

VERDICT: Since there was 6 people, we thought it was smart enough to get the the two main course two main appetizer deal. Honestly, the first time around was really good. I think the food got cold by the time it came to us because there was SO much of it. Can't go wrong with the Smoked House Salmon and the Lemon Ricotta pancake. Delicious! The turkey sausage patties were SOOOO grossly dry. Overall, the service was good and we pretty much digested the partially good food by laughing so much anyways. :) haha.

I always go to this bakery ever since it opened next to Yechon. It's opened till 12am every day. The service is good, and it makes me think of Korea and it's cute cafe. Two floors and a patio outside. LOVELOVELOVE!

Breeze Bakery Cafe
4125 Hummer Rd Annandale, VA

For the evening, we went to K. St. There was not much recollection from this night.. so I won't post any pictures of me getting plastered. Haha but I know for a fact that I won't be returning for awhile!

Sunday 04/24/11: Ah, twas the night before my birthday! The girls and I went over to an old friend's house since Michelle hasn't seen him in such a long time. Again, I do not recall much for being dumb like the three stooges, but I did get to see my favorite out of the three huskies living in this household. Meet Buddy!

FINALLY, THE DAY HAS COME!  04/25/2011 * My previous postings somehow got cut off.... EFFFU!!!!*

For brunch, we went to Leopold's Kafe in D.C. If Italian and German cuisine were to have sex.. this would the birth place.

Leopold's Kafe
3318 M St NW
Washington, District of Columbia 20007

VERDICT: Supposedly this place is "D.C.'s finest European Experience." I love the atmosphere. It's crisp and modern inside, with a hint of European cafe life-style on the outside with a water fountain, tables, and people talking loud with their mouths full. The menu was overpriced for what it served, and I couldn't pronounce the food because it was in German. For some odd reason we ALL got something healthy that consisted of greens. The arugala salad had such a strong mixture of wonderful taste combination that I couldn't make out...Surprise in every bite? It was a blend of sweet and savory. The parfait was also delicious. The yogurt calmed the overpowering sweet flavors of the fruit and crumbles. The Croque Monsieur looked pretty good as well, with the yolk oozing out onto the sandwich. We didn't try the pastries even though they are kinda known for it.

Next, since it was my birthday, I gotta have cake right? Screw waiting in a long ass line in 80 degree weather for Georgetown or Sprinkles cupcake. Not that I don't like it, but honestly it's too hyped up for the price.. and honestly, I don't like a sh*t ton of icing on my wittle cupcake. So Jkong recommended

Baked & Wired
1052 Thomas Jefferson Street Northwest
Washington D.C., DC 20007-3813

Verdict:  If you want a birthday cake, you better go to this place in a heart beat. First off, the ambiance. When you walk in, it has this indie/soul/house/love-in-the-air feel to it. The immense amount of creativity put into this place is spectacular. I love my food with a twist of art smothered all over it, Makes the food taste so much better! Look how they display their desserts! Freakin' genius! Even the name plates for each individual cupcake is so fancy and cool! There is a seperate tea section,,, I recommend the PERSIAN PEACH tea. They had a wide range of cupcakes it took me forever to pick. I ended up with the Vanilla Latte. Do you SEE how huge the cake of this thing is? It's not toppled by a gigantic scoop of icing either. Hands down, this cupcake is by far the moistest cupcake I've ever had. Beats pillsbury, gtown, and sprinkles. To top it off, it had a choco-coffee bean.

Now, now.. Lets get to the GOOD part ! PRESENTS!
In all honesty, I have THE best people in my life. Grade A bitches, but every one of them are at their finest. My friends are all so unique I can't even replace them even if I tried. Thank you all for coming and spending this marvelous birthday with me. I am so grateful to live another year to see you guys.

THE MAIN & CO. : Michelle seriously spoiled me! Making all my gifts glittery and glamorous. If it's your birthday, you better be treated like a princess. Throw some glitter and make it rain! Endless facemasks, a beautiful sunflower cup, a gold lion ornament, ONE WAY AUTOGRAPH, Tory Burch, diddy beats, cakes, a special pen to keep me motivated in school, cards, and a scholarship ! UMCP, you really want me don't you? hahaha.

If it's your birthday, I hope you have a fantastic birthday and spend it with the ones you love! Do whatever your heart desires because its YOUR day to shine*

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