June 13, 2011


Well deserved trip back to the Motherland.
14 hours non-stop, burnt leg, crying babies, and atrocious airplane food. It was all too bittersweet in the end.

Busan to grandma's birthday dinner . pit stop at Haeundae Beach

                                 Happy birthday to Baby Mingyu (민규). D'aw still haven't hit puberty.

The banana milk tastes SO much better in Korea.. it's the freakin' packaging, I swear.

if everything were to deliver 24/7 in America.. then we'd be all diabetic.

Only in Busan do they give you sauce instead of salt+pepper to consume with your intestines.


I always find it horrific when I see old people selling anything for so little..
But shit, they know where toget the good, riped, and plumped ones.
These tomatoes aren't just any other tomatoes.. They are like a mixture of Heirloom tomatoes with a tangy sweetness at the end. JabJabree (짭짭리)

Only in Busan you find these Ohdengs.. Rice cake ohdengs!
You know the food is poppin' when you have to crouch in an alley... shoulder to fucking shoulder.

Deep friend EVERYTHING. Street food.

Drenched in bloody red pepper sauce. It's an Asian thing I swear.

Crouch, sit, order, grub.

This was @Nampodong 남포동 during the night.. its basically an alley with boutiques to the side and you eat in the middle of the street. It's always croweded and somewhat romantic when you come with a special someone.

Hodduk! Two college students actually run this stand and is now making BANK just from this sweet deepfried dough filled with burning and oozing brown sugar.

Also in Nampodong.. Perfect amount of shaved ice, fruit, milk, and red bean. BINGSOO.

Few days later, I saw them doing a film in Busan for their show TASTY ROAD2. They were eating bingsoo as well! At least I got to see one celeb.

The fish market. My grandma and her friends have been running this place for years.. Known for their snake eel dish.

Late night indulgences..

Coffee is 1. Essential to travel & 2. Damn expensive. $4.50-$6 iced americano? Insane.

My youngest aunt :)

What sick, alcoholic person would pop bottles in broad daylight? uh.. Us...

Went to several cafe's in a day.... but this place was my favorite .

Fashion runs in our family. My lovely grandma!

It ain't not grocery store.. This is like Nordstroms & bloomies combined and upgraded.

One reason why I spent so much money on junk.... THE PACKAGING. It's eye-fucking.

If only socks were this cute and this cheap... I'd run a sock store..

Hair did.. Too bad the color didn't stay in for more than a week and I paid way too much for it.


She's my pride and joy. The unconditional love she gives me through food is extraordinary. *The outfit I bought for her hehe.

Hwedutbab. raw fish, hot chili sauce, greens, and hot steamy white rice. Mix it all up and shove it down your throat. It's orgasmic.

MilMyun 밀면 (?) It fits in with the noodle family.

These are called wild strawberries (산 딸기).. they look like raspberries.. but taste like strawberries..

Ggool Tarae (꿀타래) it's a Korean tradtional honey spiral court cake. The honey is spindled into silk like strings that slowly melts away once it's in your mouth. Best taste when it's frozen with tea .

My 2nd oldest aunt. She's beautiful.

@ Ulsan (울산) at 3rd aunt's house.

This is Kong (콩;bean)

Finding old photos is like finding buried treasure. My mom on the far left and my second aunt in the middle. They wanted a boy but ended up with two girls... so they dressed up my second aunt as a boy because my mom was too adorable... HAHA

My 2nd aunt in her mid 20's. Au Naturale.

Who is this cutie? In my barney pj's hahahaha.


One building, endless sushi.

Bridge that seperates Haeundae Beach and Gwangali Beach. You can already guess which side holds the party ;)

We went up into the mountains for this well-known meat restaurant. It was a lot cooler and I felt like I was in some Secret Garden fantasy world. DOPE.

Rice wine for the adults. Myself included.

FAMILY ROAD TRIP. In all honesty, I only remember the sleeping and being the car majority of the time.. Thank God for cameras.

It's the corny, matching, eye-catching couple tee's. What.. I can't be a kid for a few days?

 To be continued ...

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