August 2, 2011


I figured it was rightful for me to dedicate one whole new post to Seoul since I was only there for a couple of days to party ... oh and to see friends.

@ The Riverside (mothafuckaa's) rushed out with my slippers..

ASIANS HAVE SMALL SLITTED EYES. Myths are some what true. Haven't seen her in over four long shitty years . Can you tell that we've missed Chipotle ? We had to get a dupe... It tasted like dog food.

I was told that the Pho in Korea sucked... No SIRACHA SAUCE?! But then my friends mom ended up opening a vietnamese fusion restaurant. Thank God she likes Pho as much as us Amurrrricans. She even included the Siracha. :)  

My main reason to Seoul. He came out from the army for a mini vacation..
You can't just enjoy a night without some alcohol right? Oh what a night to remember.

Stud muffin... my somewhat gay best friend.

@ The Tria Hotel

It's always delightful to see friends from the states in another country.

@Dom Kareoke .

Birthday Boy

The cutest couple in the room.

Back to Busan.

My aunt

Her high school friends.

They're married... and are the cutest loving married couple I've set my eyes on.

Oh.. pictures do say so much..

When the wife has more power over her husband.. This is the look, ladies. Learn it. .

Feed your man so he won't starve...

Busan Tower

Bittersweet Korea.

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