January 20, 2012


As tacky as the title to this entry sounds.. its absolutely true..
Haven't been back to the city since late August and I was suffering from painful city withdrawals...
Even though it was like a 30 some hour trip to help move in, I don't regret it one bit!

No shopping this time or site seeing...but of course I have to grub my little heart out ! One at the usual and one that's new. 

125 La Salle St
         (between Broadway & Claremont Ave) 
      New YorkNY 10027 Neighborhood: Harlem

My review will be excessively long on how much i love this place and their coconut cake... It's a long ass trip to make it here but every time they never fail to impress my taste buds. TRY IT.

For dinner we went for something else.. Thank god for having two very good persian friends to tell us what was good. Overall I was impressed but it still doesn't beat Shamshiri. 

11 E 30th St
    (between 5th Ave & Madison Ave) 
New YorkNY 10016
  Neighborhood: Midtown East

They didn't have the saffron ice-cream :(

And for early breakfast the next day..... 

i'll be back my love....


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