June 19, 2013

Wandering in...|| NYC

Sparked up my bland Summer with my first and last vacation..
to the most craziest, joyous, and magical place on the east coast of course!
Wandered around the city with only the finest for Michelle's birthday.
The weather was unbearable, but I won't complain since everything I ate basically burned off from the scorching devilish sun.
I ended my four day travel downing coconut water, replaying the nights adventures, breathing in unpleasant bodily odors all in a confined bus back to D.C. 

P.S.  it's nearly impossible adjusting back to the environment of nova from the sassy & hectic pace of NYC under 24 hours..

Saturday Lunch @ The Todd English Food Hall [The Plaza]

Pork Buns, Tuna Tacos, Gyros, Fungi & Olive Flatbread, Ricotta Tots, and tentacles

 Central Park! Can you believe.. that I have NEVER been here after 'X' amount of visits?! Thanks girls for sacrificing in the heat to take me here. Blair & Chuck got married here and Justin & Mila were flirting here too....


It's either a hole in a wall or on the highest floor restaurant for some Korean food.

Our lovely view on the 30th some floor . 

Poor birthday girl almost had several heart attacks from all the surprises that she got that weekend! Surprise visits and  dinner ! Only the pure geniuses would kick the birthday girl out of her own apt, ditch her in the hot weather, and steal her keys..Little did she know that we were actually just setting up a wonderful home-made dinner for her . 

Let the unforgettable nights begin...
Reunions with the lady friends are always the best. We'll take Black please.. Johnny Black...
Neon tiara headbands, funky sunnies, and obnoxious costume jewels please !

And DJ Koo was spinnin' some killer beats.. VIP WE IN FIRST PLACE

Caught my joy-ride at the crack of dawn..

 Until next time... 

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